Concord has developed, and continues to add to, a portfolio of international investments or partnerships who supply quality resources with unique and entrepreneurial business plans in natural resources, including:

Atlantic Alumina Company

  • Controlling shareholder
  • Exclusive off take agreement for smelter grade alumina produced at the Gramercy Refinery.
  • Gramercy, Louisiana alumina.
  • St. Ann, Jamaica bauxite.
  • NICHE industrial chemical operations in the US

NICHE Europe

  • 16.8% shareholding in Niche European Holdings LLC.
  • Niche Fused Magnesia in Hull, United Kingdom - producing variety of specialty magnesia products. The products are used in several industries, such as refractory, electrical, friction, ceramic, and automotive.
  • NICHE Fused Alumina in La Bathie, France - producing white fused alumina and other specialty minerals. The products are used in abrasives, flooring, speciality refractories, and technical ceramics.
  • Renew Recycling in the US.

Nevada Copper

  • Concord provides a committed copper concentrates purchase working capital support facility, and shareholding.
  • Underground copper mine Yerington, Nevada, United States.

Sienna Metals

  • 3.9% equity stake in a Jersey LLP which owns physical cobalt.
  • Exposure to metal which is used in the aerospace, superalloy and battery manufacturing industries.
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