Global commodity merchant operations reliably connect suppliers and consumers around the world


Concord has deep experience sourcing refined metals of various grades and the related raw materials from producers. Concord’s close relationships with suppliers enable us to provide a reliable, responsive and flexible service to our customers with short and long-term supply agreements and just in time spot market transactions. Concord can access a global supplier base and optimise pricing for raw materials among its activities, delivering significant volumes of commodity products to customers in over 40 countries. Our services can encompass procuring specific commodity products for multi-year commitments with a variety of risk management solutions.


Concord provides logistics solutions for container, rail, truck or barge and ocean vessel shipments through our experienced operations team and global network of logistics providers to move commodities from production sites, through storage and on to consumers.


Concord works with best in class warehouse providers, port authorities, ship owners, and inspectors to provide storage solutions around the world.


Concord provides customers with logistics services and delivers material when and where it is required around the globe.

Customer and Supplier Financing

Concord provides prepayment financing and credit terms to qualified suppliers and customers. Concord can offer short-term credit and structure longer term project financing, or working capital solutions, and consignment arrangements. The Concord team has implemented structured financial arrangements ranging from short-term working capital solutions for metal fabricators to significant long-term commodity production or working capital loans for mines, refineries and smelters.

Offtake and Marketing Partnerships

Supported by our extensive network of non-ferrous metals and related raw material industry participants, Concord actively manages and provides marketing and agency arrangements for producers, structured on a commission, profit sharing, off-take and take or pay, or market-based performance basis to leverage our global marketing teams and financial strength for the benefit of the partnership. We provide price risk management services, so that companies of every size and sector can invest in the future, to purchase or sell commodity products with confidence. Concord’s management has experience structuring market leading, performance based off-takes and marketing agreements in markets ranging from alumina to zinc. 

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